Bridges Sustainable Growth Funds

The Bridges Sustainable Growth Funds invest in ambitious growth companies that are helping to tackle some of our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Since 2002, we have shown that this approach can unlock compelling commercial opportunities – by identifying unmet needs, responding to long-term demand drivers and building better relationships with customers and employees.

We have just completed investing our third vintage fund in this strategy.

Capital that makes a difference

We partner with management teams who share this vision, then work closely alongside them to help accelerate their growth and optimise their impact. We provide the finance they need to support organic growth, buy-and-build/roll-out strategies, or a change of ownership. We help them strengthen their team as they grow. And we provide hands-on strategic and operational support, drawing on our 15 years’ experience of investing within our four impact themes.

We chose Bridges as an investor because we felt they shared our values, understood our sector and our vision of what World of Books can achieve in the future.
Stephen Boobyer, CEO, World of Books

Investors, Donors & Partners

  • Investors


    Barclays Business Banking

    Lloyds TSB Scotland plc


    The Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Pension Funds

    West Midlands Pension Fund

    South Yorkshire Pensions Authority

    Railways Pension Trustee Company Ltd

    Merseyside Pension Fund

  • Trusts and Endowments

    All Souls College

    Merton College

    R&S Cohen Foundation

    Comic Relief

    SHINE: Support and Help in Education

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